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  • Wednesday, November 28, 2018 1:54 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    With a culture that seeks to entertain first and competes for the attention of our students, what is the role of preaching when it comes to effectively ministering to students?  Seasoned veteran student pastor, Chris Edwards, speaks to this critical issue in student ministry.

  • Saturday, November 10, 2018 3:03 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    In Part 1 of our conversation Pastor Jennings told us that being balanced truly means to filter everything through the Great Commission in ministry.  In this part of the conversation, Pastor Jennings gives practical advice to Pastors and ministry leaders on how to lead their churches to be great commission oriented.

    What are some things you can do to become more balanced /Great Commission Oriented in ministry?

    1. Put evangelism time on your schedule.
    2. Equip your people with tools.
    3. Focus on your groups and Sunday School ministry for evangelism and discipleship.
    4. Have a Discipleship plan for new Christians.
  • Wednesday, October 31, 2018 2:49 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    So many people think about ministry style or standards when they think about the issue of balance in the ministry.  Pastor Dennis Jennings says that balance isn't about style.  Balance is about aligning our personal ministry and our churches ministry with the Great Commission.

  • Thursday, October 25, 2018 11:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    You may be wondering why the Baptist Church Ministry Network was started.  In this message, Pastor Frazier states the reasons why this network of Biblical, balanced baptists was begun.  Take a few moments and watch this great message simply entitled, "Why have the Baptist Church Ministry Network?".

  • Thursday, May 03, 2018 4:19 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Brian Weed, Missionary to Nicaragua


    What is the REAL Biblical focus of Missions?  Answer:  Church Planting and Evangelism!

    But, why are missionaries jumping ship and doing so many other “missions projects”?  Maybe they aren’t really jumping ship at all.  Maybe they are leveraging the mission by putting more hooks in the water.  As missionaries, we should always be seeking new and strategic methods to enhance the church planting potential on our respective mission fields.  More hooks in the water simply translates to more opportunities to reach one more person and plant one more church.


    We can use humanitarian efforts to reach people with the Gospel.  And those efforts are simply more hooks in the water.  ¿How? 

    By following a few of our techniques in Nicaragua.

    Our Strategies and why:

    #1 Feeding children.  -   A hungry kid will not listen to the Gospel like a kid with food in his / her belly.  That is just simple logic.  I must admit, this is NOT one of our top outreach tools.  

    #2 Sports Ministry.  -  Our ministry “AVANCE SPORTS INTERNATIONAL” is now in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Cuba.  Soon we hope to see AVANCE SPORTS BELIZE.  My friend Alexis Arguello (Pro Boxer) shared a little secret with me years ago when I arrived in Nicaragua.  He said that sports could reach kids in Nicaragua.  HE WAS RIGHT.   We have 2,000+ kids annually involved in AVANCE SPORT Nicaragua alone.  Avance Sports is our #1 outreach tool.

    3. Medical Ministry.  -  Yes, we have a medical Center.  Our Medical Center has 1,500+ consultations every month.  This Medical Center has allowed our church in La Esmeralda to not only reach its community, but to also reach into 12 other communities and even start a new church in one of those communities.


    With all this said, keep your focus.  It is easy to focus on what comes easy.  It is also easy to focus on areas that produce quick results.  But, don’t allow the tail to wag the dog!!!  The main thing MUST always be church planting and evangelism.  If we lose that focus, we become humanitarians only.  That is not a fulfilling of Matthew 28:18-20.  Go get ém!!!


    Brian G. Weed

    Familia Avance Nicaragua

    Avance Sports International

  • Wednesday, April 11, 2018 5:58 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dr. Chris Stephens, Broadway Baptist, Sweetwater, TX

    One of my favorite pastimes is hunting. Whether it’s deer, quail, feral hogs, or turkey, I love to hunt.

    When I was first starting out a dear friend said, “Chris, we have a lot of deer on our property, come on out and hunt them.” I could hardly wait to get out there and see all those deer just waiting to welcome me. When I arrived, my friend was busy so he told me to go back and get one. As I walked around, for what was nearly 3 hours, I didn’t see one deer.

    When I returned to the house and expressed my disappointment of not seeing any deer I asked, “Just where are all those deer?” to which he replied, “WHERE YOU SEE THEM IS WHERE THEY ARE!”

    I’ve never forgotten that statement and have used it dozens of times, especially when referring to soul winning and visitation.

    There are several basic truths I use when working with others regarding outreach and visitation.

    • 1.  Go where they are. You can’t reach them from your office; you’ve got to get out there with them. In a small community, it is easy. Go to the ball games and just sit and watch the kids play. Go to school functions and mingle with them. Go to the gym (you don’t have to work out). Just go where they are.
    • 2.  You can’t go to the wrong house or address. If you aren’t sure about the address, just get close and ask others. I was looking for a man who had visited and had the opportunity to talk to his neighbor who eventually trusted Christ and united with the church. You can’t go to the wrong house or talk to the wrong person – everyone needs the Lord.
    • 3.  Take someone with you. It is called discipleship: training others. 
    • 4.  Don’t wait for a special day or time: do it always. God’s word says “daily and in every house . . .”

    Everyone wants a “how to” seminar, but when it comes to outreach there really isn’t a “how to”—it is simply a “go do”. I have always been taught “them that goes gets” and “you win some, lose some, and have a lot of no shows,” but as is said of Gideon and the 300 in Judges 8:4, “faint, YET PURSUING THEM”. They are where you see them…so go get them.

  • Thursday, March 29, 2018 3:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Erik Sanders, Bible Baptist Church, Everett, WA

    As I hear the words “capital campaign” my pulse quickens, and the stress level rises.  Raising funds for church projects can be tough, but if you have a few key steps in place it will  be manageable.  For a capital campaign to be successful you must plan the work, and then work the plan.  Below are several key components that should be considered when entering a capital campaign project.


    Determine Your Needs. As our church began the planning process we thought our greatest need was Adult Sunday School space.  However, we discovered through conducting an assessment (done by our architect) of our needs, our greatest need was children’s space.  In reality, adult classroom space ranked 3rd on the needs list.  


    Ask The Hard Questions.   Here are some good questions to ask as you consider a capital campaign: 

    • ·      Do I believe this is the leading of God or my own desire?
    • ·      Is what we are considering a “want” or a “need”?
    • ·      Is our church healthy enough for a capital campaign?
    • ·      Are there key people that I can call on to help lead this campaign?
    • ·      What other creative ways can we maximize the space we already have? 
    • ·      What is the economic forecast for our area of the country?
    • ·      As the pastor, do I possess the desire and excitement to cast vision for the campaign?
    • ·      As the pastor, am I willing to sacrifice for the campaign? 


    Solicit Help.  There are many good fundraising companies out there to choose from.  We decided to use a Pastor (Dr. Rick Carter) to help us chart a course for our campaign.  The point is… solicit help.  You will need the wisdom and insight from those that have conducted past successful campaigns.


    Build A Team.  A capital campaign rises and falls on leadership.  Be sure to select people that the church respects, and will be champions of the capital campaign. 


    Communicate Cleary and transparently.  If you desire for your church members to “buy in” to the capital campaign you must communicate clearly what you are asking of them.  Also, the whole process should be done with transparency and openness.  There are members in your pews that have been a part of past campaigns in other churches that have been train wrecks.  Show them that you can be trusted. 


    Pray!  I saved the most important for last.  A capital campaign is an mammoth task, and should never be entered into without a time of prayer and fasting.


    Capital Campaigns are polarizing moments for a church.  If managed well, it will be far more than a fund-raiser, it will be a faith-raiser.

  • Thursday, March 15, 2018 4:29 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Ted House, Bible Baptist Church, Mount Orab, OH

    The greatest asset to any church or pastor is people faithfully sitting in your sanctuary every church service. They have paved the way for many generations. They have given sacrificially of their talent and treasure and in many situations, they have built the buildings and paid the bills for everything the church enjoys today. I'm talking about our Super Senior Citizens.

    At Bible Baptist Church in Mount Orab Ohio, we strive to be a multi-generational church. From Great Grandma and Grandpa to the great-grandchildren, all are serving and worshiping the Lord together in their local church. The Seniors are great examples of faith and share years of wisdom with the younger generations of the church.

    As with most churches, we have a monthly Senior Luncheon for our older adults to come together for fellowship. Sometimes they eat at the church and other times they go on field trips, but in either situation, they love the fellowship. Beyond that, we have encouraged our Seniors to get involved throughout the different ministries at BBC. These include prayer warriors, door greeters, welcome team members, Sunday school teachers, choir members, and nursery workers.

    The most exciting thing our Seniors do is make the cedar walking sticks for our County Fair Ministry. From the raw cedar boards to the finished product they do it all!! When we go to the fair and hand out sticks, many people come to know Christ as Savior. We have given out as many as 3200 sticks in one year and had over 1800 people trust Christ as their Savior because of the walking sticks that were made that year. For every stick that is handed out, our seniors reap the eternal reward for their hard work. They are storing up rewards to their account.

    Don't overlook your Seniors, they are probably the greatest asset in your church!

  • Thursday, February 22, 2018 8:28 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Kevin Kolb, Grace Baptist Church

    “I love to preach.” In my life I’ve heard hundreds of pastors, evangelists and missionaries proclaim their love for the public ministry of the Word.  Sadly what I haven’t heard nearly as often from those same godly men is any expression of love for the private ministry of the word.  Yet Paul made it clear that, as a busy apostle ministering over a three- year span in the city of Ephesus, he was diligent to share the whole counsel of God both privately (house-to-house) and publicly.  (Acts 20:20, 27, 31) 

    I’ve come to appreciate, and yes even love, pastoral counseling as much as, if not more than, preaching each Sunday.  Allow me to explain:

    • 1.     Pastoral Counseling gives insight on the spiritual health of the flock.  Meeting for 8-12 weekly sessions offers Shepherds unique opportunities to really get to know members of their church.  As you gather data in the session you learn about their passions, challenges, struggles, and responses.  You find out how much they really love the Word of God, if their hope really is in Christ, and where they invest the treasures of their life.  This type of information helps pastors better care for the sheep who are hurting and warn the ones who are rebellious (1 Thess. 5:14).  Attending a sporting event or prayer breakfast with men in your church rarely yields such insight.   
    • 2.     Pastoral counseling provides opportunities to share the gospel.  Sharing the message of full salvation (justification, sanctification and glorification) awakens hope in members who are discouraged by guilt and defeated by sin.  I relish the privilege of reminding Christians that the gospel promises not just victory over sin's penalty of death, but that it remains their only source of transforming power and promises freedom from sin's grip.  Applying the gospel specifically to the wounded victims of abuse and neglect assure them that there is healing balm in Gilead (Jer. 8:15).
    • 3.     Pastoral Counseling helps equip future leaders.  Helping men in the church grow through counseling has paid back the time and labor invested a hundred fold.  Almost every man currently in a teaching role in our church or serving as a deacon has sat in my office at one time or another for spiritual counsel.  Other men have come through our counseling ministry that are now serving as pastors and missionaries.  I’m directed by scripture to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and counseling provides direct means for that task (Eph. 4:12).  When church members see men who once struggled spiritually be given opportunities to serve in vital ways rather than ostracized for being tainted goods, they realize they too can be honest about their struggles and can be transparent without fear of reprimand or removal.  Having pastoral interns and trainees sitting in and watching me counsel also provides another real life equipping opportunity.  
    • 4.     Pastoral Counseling ignites sermon preparation.  The depth and breadth of issues faced in a years’ worth of counselling pushes me away from the same ole sermon applications I’m prone to fall into.  I’m careful never to use my counselees as sermon illustrations as that would be a betrayal of trust, but their struggles fuel my study.  I’m reminded that these are real people with real issues who desperately need truth or their marriages and families will fly off the rails. I tend to pray for my own heart and the audience’s response to the word more fervently when I know my counselees will be in attendance and taking notes.  I’m forced to answer the “so what” question of the text rather than simply “share” a few thoughts that someone may find interesting.
    • 5.     Pastoral Counseling encourages personal holiness. My wife always seems to know when I’m doing marital counseling.  When I see first-hand the devastation of neglectful husbanding in a session, I can’t help but step up my own effort when I get in the car and head home.  When I assign other couples a date night, I remember how beneficial they are in my own life.  When I see how deceptive sin is and how it never fulfills or produces anything good, I’m able to wisely recall those lessons when my own heart is tempted.  I remind counselees often that God is changing me in the sessions as much as, and sometimes more than, he is changing them. 

    I love pastoral counseling and I would encourage all my pastor friends to consider these rich rewards the next time they are tempted to complain when wounded or rebellious sheep call for an appointment. 

    Pastor Kolb is available for mentoring in the Biblical/Pastoral counseling area.  For information, contact him at kevin@gracebaptistchurch.info

  • Wednesday, February 07, 2018 2:41 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Rick Carter, Bible Baptist Church, Gulfport, MS

    Psalm 96:8-9

    The word worship is very common in the Christian community today but I am afraid that we have so misrepresented it that most do not know the meaning.  The word “worship” comes from a Hebrew word that means to bow down or to prostate oneself in submission.  The bodily position was to be representative of the heart of the individual submitted to God.  The New Testament equivalent is Romans 12:1-2. 

    True worship does not begin with our hands but our heart.  The perquisite to worship is certainly salvation (John 4:24) and secondly a heart that is submitted to God in loving obedience.  Jesus said, if you love me keep my commandments (John 14:15).  When God created man He endowed him with the desire to worship and this worship was not entered into through singing but through giving. 

    The first family worshipped God through the giving of their offerings (Genesis 4:3-7), Cain and Abel had learned this from their father, Adam.  Later in Leviticus 1-7, God enabled man to bring three offerings as an expression of his love and worship.  They were the burnt offering, the meal offering and the peace offering.  None of these offerings were required by God but they were offered in praise, thanksgiving and worship to God.  As with everything of the Lord, Satan desired to pervert the worship of God and this he did through Cain.  Cain wanted to worship God in his own way but God would not accept Cain’s offering and when God rejected his offering He rejected his worship.  Worship that is not from a heart loving soul is despised by God.  The prophet, Amos, describes worship being offered to God out of an impure heart, God said, “I hate it and I despise it” (Amos 5:21-24).

    Each week thousands will assemble in churches for worship and they may sing and sway and do others things but until we are right with God in our heart and in our offerings, God is not pleased with that form of worship.  Oh, worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

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